The Committee’s remit Italy – Bulgaria is to develop a two-way relationship between culture and tourism in both countries. To promote the development of cultural industries that will attract new investment and create new job opportunities and exchanges , enhance mutual trust .

Cultural heritage is no expiration date. Thousands of years everything else is represented by the ” tangible and intangible cultural heritage .”

Culture and Tourism

List the major tasks that underpin the work of the Committee Italy – Bulgaria for the development of culture and tourism of both countries by creating employment initiatives in the coming years :

Culture and education: from primary school to higher education.

Culture and economics : organizing events to attract a stream of people to raise awareness is to use services and learn . This will bring revenue into the economy.

Infrastructure and culture : without adequate infrastructure , cultural heritage is unusable and inaccessible

Culture and Employment growth in the economy will lead to the creation of new jobs in all sectors working in the service of tourism and trade.