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Establishment , milestones and developments.

The idea of ​​the association “Committee Italy – Bulgaria 2013 ” occurred on 10 December 2012. Today it is a non-profit organization, registered in the public benefit. Its headquarters is in Sofia with branches in some Bulgarian and Italian cities.

The Committee supports the signed agreement for cooperation and development activities in the field of culture by the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) and the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria ( NAMB ) .

Committee Italy – Bulgaria operates in the following key areas:

• promote active youth of intercultural and professional exchanges ;

• supports the submission of nominations of Bulgarian and Italian candidate cities for the European Capital of Culture 2019 . ,

• supports the initiative announced “The Year of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Italian for young Bulgarians in Bulgaria and intangible cultural heritage of the Bulgarian language for Italian youths in Italy. ”

Program the implemented initiatives is completely transparent in the field of cooperation for cultural events such as folk traditions and festivals in both countries. As an NGO , we believe that investment to create new cultural events are insufficient. It is very important exchange of experience , intercultural dialogue , international cooperation and integration, evaluation of existing intangible cultural heritage to deepen .

Hitherto intangible cultural heritage does not receive enough support and too often overlooked that it threatens with extinction due to lack of interest or lack of continuity between generations.

The Committee aims to create and support cultural events that unite ethnic groups indigenous folklore regions through historical reenactments . These are the four elements of a system aimed at individuals and their cultural traditions , but in terms of where they live .

In other words, to give cultural identity of the regions to define and sustain their cultural profile. The idea is to highlight the importance of these four elements to create a new general awareness among young people about the preservation of intangible cultural heritage and its transmission to future generations.

The advantage of the intangible cultural heritage is the fact that at the center of the impact is the way of life.

The Committee Management

President: Dr. Kosyo Stoychev – The Committee Official representative

Vice President: Dr. Paolo Avezzu - The Committee Official representative and political ussues

Secretary: Teofana Ahryanova – Lawyer and Administrative issues


Tatyana Stoycheva – accountant and financial issues

Bojidar Tzvetkov – Pedagogics and international communications

Dimitar Angelov  - Lawyer

Maria Ilchela - Lawyer

Best regards, The team of the “Committee Italy, Bulgaria 2013″