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Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani. Roma, mercoledi 20 marzo 2013.

Inoltre, per guardare le foto della riunione del Comitato Italia-Bulgaria svoltasi presso la sede legale di Sofia clicca sul link

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Presentation of the Framework Agreement on Cooperation between the National Association of Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria (NAMB) and the National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI) by a delegation of the Committee – ANCI headquarters in Rome.

Italia-Bulgaria verso il 2019

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The Committee’s remit Italy – Bulgaria is to develop a two-way relationship between culture and tourism in both countries. To promote the development of cultural industries that will attract new investment and create new job opportunities and exchanges , enhance mutual trust .

Cultural heritage is no expiration date. Thousands of years everything else is represented by the ” tangible and intangible cultural heritage .”

Culture and Tourism

List the major tasks that underpin the work of the Committee Italy – Bulgaria for the development of culture and tourism of both countries by creating employment initiatives in the coming years :

Culture and education: from primary school to higher education.

Culture and economics : organizing events to attract a stream of people to raise awareness is to use services and learn . This will bring revenue into the economy.

Infrastructure and culture : without adequate infrastructure , cultural heritage is unusable and inaccessible

Culture and Employment growth in the economy will lead to the creation of new jobs in all sectors working in the service of tourism and trade.


Committee Bulgaria – Italy organized a competition aimed at young people from Italy and Bulgaria between 14 and 35 years.

The aim is to improve the state of the intangible cultural heritage in your country through the ideas and views of youth.

You are a young person aged between 14 and 35 years?

If you are an emerging new director ?

If you want to get noticed ?

This is a unique opportunity for you !

Information about the competition: Improvement of Intangible Cultural Heritage in your country through the ideas and views of youth.

The idea is to increase the value of existing intangible cultural heritage that no particular interest . It often remains forgotten and in danger of extinction due to lack of interest and desires of young people whose task is to accept and preserve for future generations.

Therefore, this competition aims to provide participants with audio- visual materials (in the form of a documentary ) customs and traditions in their own country ( folk festivals , celebrations of patrons , etc.). , Cultural and historical monuments and their priceless value interesting legends and stories told by adults (including relatives ) who , if we do not pay attention may be lost in time, without leaving any trace of their existence.

All that will help preserve intangible cultural heritage of your country !

1. Technical requirements for the materials :

1) Audio -visual materials are captured and assembled in the form of a documentary , which have a minimum resolution of 1280 √ó 720 ;

2 ) Specification of the length of material : are not of a duration of less than 4 minutes and more than 15 minutes;

3) The video is accompanied by a detailed written description of your project ;

4 ) The format of the documentary should be . Mov or . Mp4;

5 ) We do not accept materials with poor visual quality and unfit for use;

6 ) footage sent to the following e-mail :, a link to their free sharing through Dropbox, Google Drive and others.

2 . Deadlines for submission of materials and general conditions

 Deadline for paper submission 31 December 2013

Jury will be composed of Bulgarian and Italian judges appointed by the Committee Italy – Bulgaria , which will meet on General Assembly .
Each judge will be entitled to a mark from 1 to 10 for each video .
Winners will be top 3 material gathered the highest number of total votes.
In case of a tie, the contest will end in a draw .
3 . Using the resulting materials

1 ) The resulting video will be used for the creation of advertising campaigns promoting intangible cultural heritage of the country.

2) All videos that we deem appropriate, will be united in a common documentary , due to be published on the Committee’s website , Bulgaria and Italy which will be broadcast later on television partner of the project.

4 . Prize

The three winners will receive a certificate recognized at European level , a special ceremony ceremony, which will be held in conjunction with the announcement of the European Capital of Culture. In this way, the winners will become popular through their videos across Europe.
The remaining participants will receive individual certificates for participation in the competition out of their address.
Read 3 . Using the resulting materials
See the following link: